Empowering At-Risk Youth: The Collaboration Between Menorah Mivathim and Dualis

Sarah Novomiast’s journey with Menorah Mivathim has been nothing short of remarkable. Having dedicated 15 years, rising from a coordinator to a team leader, she has seen and tackled various challenges. But her experience with a young woman from Dualis, employed as a mortgage insurance representative, stands out. This position demands expertise in both the […]

Bridging the Employment Gap: How Dualis Became a Game-Changer for At-risk Youth

Michal Glam, a dedicated team leader in the Youth and young adults Department at the Welfare department in Hadera, describes a significant void in the young adults employment system. “While we excel at guiding at-risk young adults and youth, the complex issue of employment has been a significant challenge, especially in tailoring the process to […]

From Ultra-Orthodox Life to the Workforce: Shaul’s Inspiring Journey with Dualis

Before Shaul came to us this year, referred by an organization assisting former Haredis, after his departure from the ultra-Orthodox society near Rosh Hashanah, he had little understanding of the conventional workforce. In Shaul’s words, “In my family, my father dedicated himself to Torah study, while my mother worked sporadically. For the boys in our […]

What 2022 looked like for Dualis and young adults at- risk

How we helped young women and men at risk in 2022 With an everchanging and unstable reality filtering life, the definition of circumstances of risk and distress had to be broadened; nowadays it seems that you’ll find individuals at risk and distress wherever there’s an imbalance of power. That should explain the peak in teens […]

A day in the life of a Dualis young adult

Dana Naor, Dualis’ Executive director, leverages the Israeli elections to make us think about personal choices. We wanted to share what making a choice feels like for our young adults. Well-informed choices can be made when one has information, feedback and a safety- net to make mistakes and not get penalized. But young adults at […]