Passover, 2024

As we approach Passover, we’re enveloped in the spirit of spring-a time for renewal and hope. Yet, amidst the festive air, we recognize that true freedom remains elusive for many of our brothers and sisters kidnapped and tortured. This year, the Passover holiday reminds us to hold those who struggle close to our hearts.


We, at Dualis, take this moment to extend warm Passover wishes to you and your loved ones. May this holiday season usher in better times for all.


At Dualis, the Passover narrative deeply resonates with our mission- guiding young adults from the constraints of doubt and instability to the promise of independence and self-reliance. We’ve been privileged to witness hundreds of youth take their first steps towards success this year, a testament to their resilience and your support.


As we gather around the Seder table, our thoughts will also turn to the evacuees-those celebrating in unfamiliar surroundings, far from home. We reflect on the challenges faced by young evacuees we’ve encountered since November, striving to secure meaningful employment amidst upheaval, and those disrupted by the Iron Swords War, seeking a return to a semblance of normalcy.


Your ongoing support has been the cornerstone of our efforts to accompany these young individuals on their journey back to the workforce.This Passover, we feel deeply grateful for the partnership we share with you, which has been instrumental in turning their aspirations into achievements.


Wishing you a joyous and significant Passover,


Dana Naor,

Dualis CEO