Dualis  Hamal

Employment for young people aged 18-30 who are evicted from their homes

Dualis is actively participating in the national effort to support the displaced population, offering tailored employment solutions for young individuals from both the southern and northern regions.
Currently, around 200,000 Israelis, including young adults aged 18-30, are displaced from their homes, primarily housed in temporary accommodations such as hotels.
With extensive experience in aiding job seekers and a vast network of employers, Dualis has been proactively engaged since the onset of the war. We are dedicated to assisting young men and women who have been displaced or otherwise impacted by the war, connecting them with employers who are seeking to fill temporary or permanent positions.
Our services extend beyond mere job placement. We provide a comprehensive support package that includes assistance in job hunting, mentorship, employer connections, and support during the initial months of employment.
For over a decade, Dualis has built a robust network among employers, social workers, and government ministries. This network appreciates the substantial value in supporting individuals taking their initial steps in the workforce and the businesses employing them.
Dualis is committed to ensuring the smooth integration of every young individual who has been displaced, whether they are seeking to restart their career or enter the job market for the first time. We offer extensive support for both the employees and their employers during this process.