Connecting young adults
to employers

National welfare, interior affairs, and defense systems provide for children and youth-at-risk, meeting them at different intersections until age 21. Once turning 21, these now-young-adults meet the real- world possessing no real skill or knowledge relevant to the work-world. All this time, their circumstances remain the same: poverty, abuse, violence, and other constantly threatening situations.

In Israel, there are about 200,000 young women and men that have the motivation and will to succeed, they don’t have enough opportunities though.

Evoking an image of kites flailing in the air on a windy day, many at-risk young adults end up tangled in their string, trying to reach high but with little hope of succeeding.

Dualis offers new hope stemming from our work vis-à-vis social businesses, which gave us much insight into the invisible challenges young adults at-risk face if they try to progress in life.

Annually we work with 200 young adults, helping them find a job and retain their employment over time. About 60% of them are young women aged 21-26.