From Ultra-Orthodox Life to the Workforce: Shaul’s Inspiring Journey with Dualis

Before Shaul came to us this year, referred by an organization assisting former Haredis, after his departure from the ultra-Orthodox society near Rosh Hashanah, he had little understanding of the conventional workforce. In Shaul’s words, “In my family, my father dedicated himself to Torah study, while my mother worked sporadically. For the boys in our household, the notion of employment was largely hidden; we were destined to pursue religious studies.”

Being the eldest of 10 siblings, Shaul’s exposure to modern technologies like computers was limited. His family held deep-seated beliefs that work was a source of shame for men, relegating those who worked to the back seats in synagogues.

However, circumstances changed when Shaul decided to leave his family and his community. Recognizing the need to earn a living, he turned to Dualis’ Jerusalem coordinator. Through dedicated mentoring and support from Dualis, Shaul was connected to a Super Pharm branch in the city. This job became his first-ever foray into the world of employment.

He recalls, “Working at Super Pharm was transformative. It was my introduction to understanding the essence of work, financial independence, and the beauty of human interaction.” Initially, Shaul grappled with the shift from full-time study to working, but he soon found a rhythm. “Gradually, I began feeling ‘normal.’ Working, earning, and integrating into society made me feel like a true Israeli citizen,” Shaul shared.

During his tenure at Super Pharm, Shaul had the privilege to interact with diverse individuals from all walks of Israeli life. The experience not only broadened his horizons but also deepened his appreciation for different perspectives.

Yet, after almost a year, Shaul decided to transition from his job to join a pre-military preparatory school. His separation from Super Pharm was emotional, with heartwarming farewells and gifts that touched Shaul deeply.

Reflecting on his journey, Shaul expresses profound gratitude for the unwavering support he received from Dualis. “Even as I grew more independent, knowing I had Dualis behind me was a tremendous source of strength,” he notes.