Dualis’s work model for integrating young adults at risk in employment stands
on a central component: Partnerships. The task at hand is challenging and
requires joining forces between the young adults, employers, government, referral
coordinators and donors.

Dualis is an active member in several national employment forums for at- risk young adults and we’re partners in a systemic process intended to promote at- risk young adults.

Referral coordinators in municipal social services departments are thy key to the door connecting the young adults to Dualis programs. Their relationship with the young adults helps us build trust and commitment.

With each employer we forge a personal and close relationship intended to progress over time. The daily accompaniment and counseling we provide them, encompasses a variety of tools and knowledge. We strive to be their toolkit as they learn how to work together, extending the partnership to other areas. Our work with the government is essential if we’re to reach masses of at- risk young adults. In fact, the State is the engine that enables Dualis to extend out impact. Through the Labor Division's Innovation grant Dualis is operating, our impact is recognized by the State.

Dualis’ Donor community is the fuel running our engine. In addition to the funding investment in our activity, Dualis’ Donor community provides for our constant growth and development of opportunities for at- risk young adults. Dualis’ Donor community is comprised of local and international funders, private and institutional philanthropy.