Empowering At-Risk Youth: The Collaboration Between Menorah Mivathim and Dualis

Sarah Novomiast’s journey with Menorah Mivathim has been nothing short of remarkable. Having dedicated 15 years, rising from a coordinator to a team leader, she has seen and tackled various challenges. But her experience with a young woman from Dualis, employed as a mortgage insurance representative, stands out.

This position demands expertise in both the intricate company’s information systems and superior customer service. When the young woman joined, Sarah admits, “The start was rough. She often came in late or sometimes didn’t show up at all.” Many managers might have shown her the door, but Sarah saw potential, choosing a different path. “I decided I’d do everything to help her succeed,” she shares. This commitment led to close collaboration with the Dualis coordinator to develop strategies and communication styles tailored for the young worker.

Sarah’s resilience and dedication bore fruit. “After a challenging year, she excelled in her job. Much of this success can be credited to our collaboration with Dualis,” she states. She fondly recalls the support she received, “The sense of understanding and partnership with the Dualis coordinator was unparalleled. We tackled every hurdle hand in hand.”

When asked about her advice for managers considering hiring at-risk youth, Sarah’s response is clear: “Always give it a try! Being in a position to uplift someone is a blessing.” She emphasizes the importance of monitoring progress and making necessary interventions. “Be vigilant and responsive. If something isn’t working, you should address it. However, always believe in giving people chances and steer clear of prejudices.”