Dualis for the evacuees

As early as November 2023, amid the sirens and at the height of the conflict, we at Dualis went to the field to meet with the evacuees at the hotels where they were residing. Together with the Ministry of Welfare, we set up employment assistance booths for people who had to leave their homes due to the war and did not know how long they would be away. Shortly thereafter, we refocused on the young adults population and expanded to additional areas where the displaced were residing. Our support for the displaced includes employment guidance and connecting them to employers offering temporary or permanent positions.

As part of our young adults employment program and in partnership with Kibbutz Mefalsim, we participated last January in a job fair held at the Dan Acadia Hotel for the displaced community from the Kibbutz. We met with dozens of displaced young adults and presented them with a variety of employment opportunities. We continue to provide employment support and guidance to young men and women displaced due to the war. As part of our work for the evacuees, we are also active in the Iron Community project, a workforce initiative developed by the displaced youth themselves, which provides additional job opportunities for the displaced community, and we have trained the project team.

In March, we were excited to take part in a recognition event of the Hi-Tech Fund for Israel, which has supported us since the beginning of the war in our activities for displaced young adults, alongside Combined Jewish Philanthropies from Boston.

So far, dozens of evacuees young adults have been reintegrated into employment thanks to our efforts.