Employment  tracks

For the 200,000 Israeli young adults at risk (18-30) one of the biggest hurdles to face is the lack of professional skills or knowledge.

Employers dealing with a constant shortage in human capital are eager to recruit new hires and are willing to train them. In fact, in industries such as food, healthcare, insurance, and retail, to name a few, OJT is the preferred process to recruit new hires. 

However, the integration and retention of young adults at-risk is tricky for both sides: due to their background and circumstances, young adults at risk require professional social support to help them overcome personal challenges preventing them from acquiring and holding onto jobs. 

Employers aren’t aware of this aspect and lack resources or knowledge to support at-risk employees.
In some cases, previous attempts to promote young adults in employment were hindered due to this unidentified gap in need. Dualis works with 200 young women and men every year. We help 80% of them integrate into employment and 70% of them retain their job for an extended period of time.


Entry into the employment world

This track is for young adults with little or no employment experience but with
a great deal of motivation to work and gain experience in the profession.
This track fits employers who want to integrate at risk young adults and understand their needs.
Jobs offered: Fashion and lifestyle retail, general workers at pharm and fashion chains, logistical workers.


Some experience in employment

This track is for young adults with some experience in employment and are
used to work routines. Their challenges are personal barriers stemming from their circumstances.
This track best fits employers with an agile approach to human capital, who are willing to expand their
recruitment toolbox and invest in retaining young workers.
Jobs offered: Daycare caregivers, sous- chef, financial call centers, health system workers.


Meaningful work experience

This track is for young adults with a few years of work experience and it offers
quality jobs. Employers in this track are agile and willing to expand their professional recruitment and retention
tools, such as investment in young adults at risk displaying special capabilities.