Bridging the Employment Gap: How Dualis Became a Game-Changer for At-risk Youth

Michal Glam, a dedicated team leader in the Youth and young adults Department at the Welfare department in Hadera, describes a significant void in the young adults employment system. “While we excel at guiding at-risk young adults and youth, the complex issue of employment has been a significant challenge, especially in tailoring the process to fit these young people’s unique needs,” she explains.

However, everything shifted when Galit, the director of Dualis’s employment program, reached out. “She offered a partnership that filled the gap in our program – a true game-changer,” says Michal.

One of the challenges was the lack of a direct communication line with employers once young individuals were placed in jobs. This void meant that if any issue arose, there was no immediate way to address it. “Dualis became the bridge, providing the missing link by establishing a direct communication line with employers. This liaison role was invaluable, allowing us to intervene effectively if a young person faced challenges,” Michal elaborates.

The synergy between Dualis and Michal’s team has been remarkable. She highlights the significance of understanding the readiness of a young person for the job process, knowing their limitations, and ensuring that they feel valued. “The Dualis coordinators truly see and connect with each individual, making them feel valued and understood,” she says.

The mutual respect and cooperation are palpable. Whenever challenges arise, Dualis coordinators, the young individuals, and their employers come together, putting the youth’s best interest at the forefront. Michal expresses her admiration for the chosen employers by Dualis, praising their flexibility and understanding towards the youth.

Michal recalls specific success stories from the past year, emphasizing the transformative role Dualis played. “One young man, with many complexities, was integrated into a factory job. Thanks to Dualis’s guidance and the employer’s understanding, he has grown tremendously, feeling valued and learning to improve himself,” she shares. Another youth, after two years with Dualis, felt empowered enough to pursue further studies and personal development independently.

In closing, Michal reiterates the invaluable support Dualis provides. “They never give up on even the most challenging cases. Their dedication to ensuring each young individual’s success, sometimes through tough love, makes all the difference.”