A day in the life of a Dualis young adult

Dana Naor, Dualis’ Executive director, leverages the Israeli elections to make us think about personal choices.

We wanted to share what making a choice feels like for our young adults.
Well-informed choices can be made when one has information, feedback and a safety- net to make mistakes and not get penalized. But young adults at risk usually arrive at a crossroad from a place of personal chaos, no supporting environment and very little resources.
They have all the excuses to push back flee to the outskirts of society.
However, Dualis’ young adults at risk, choose otherwise. They choose to-

actively want something,
to get help
to get out of bed in the morning, and
the next morning, and
the next month.
Even if they get heat from the boss
Or when they see the notoriously low first paycheck
or when they’re frustrated
and want to sleep in after a night out or reminisce about easy cash from odd jobs.

We believe that practicing making choices, day in and day out, makes for a life of freedom, development and independence. By making choices, we become equity partners in Israeli life, placing ourselves in the center of the discussion not in the back of the room.