The Effects of the Israel-Hamas War on Young Adults in Israel: Survey Findings

The recent Israel-Hamas War has deeply affected the lives of over two million young adults aged 18-34 in Israel. The conflict, particularly the terrorist attack on October 7, 2023, and the subsequent war, has had significant impacts on this age group. Many young adults have been called up for reserve duty or are currently in compulsory military service. They are dealing with traumatic events, including the loss of loved ones, injuries, kidnappings, and evacuations.

To understand the war's impact, the Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute conducted a survey among 701 young adults from January 23 to February 8, 2024. The survey revealed that 23% of young adults had to cancel their educational plans, and 28% left their jobs due to the war. Financial strain was also evident, with 53% reporting difficulties in meeting financial obligations, and 50% experiencing a decline in mental health. Trust in the government has declined, with 64% expressing reduced confidence.

Despite these challenges, many young adults have shown resilience. A significant 65% are optimistic about the future, 91% have someone to turn to in times of crisis, and 61% have engaged in volunteer activities or donations. However, the survey highlighted that certain subpopulations, such as women, Arabs, young adults in non-marital relationships, and those with disabilities, are at greater risk of mental distress. Similarly, economic distress was more pronounced among Arabs, parents of young children, residents of peripheral areas, and those with below-average income.

The findings underscore the need for comprehensive support programs like Dualis in various fields with an emphasis on employment. Special attention is required for vulnerable subpopulations to ensure equitable and effective support.

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