Business type: Catering Services
Disadvantaged population type: Women from the Arab Society

Tavshil Hevrati (Cooking for Coexistence) is a corporate catering business that trains and employs mature (age 35-plus), low-income women from the Arab society who have never worked out of the home. By providing a dozen women with a welcoming work space, vocational training, and a steady salary, the business makes it possible for them to gain a measure of financial independence at a critical time in their lives. 

Now under a contract with the Shultz Company, a large catering and food distribution firm, the trainees and employees of Tavshil Hevrati provide thousands of cooked meals each month to corporate sites all over Israel. Tavshil Hevrati employs 15 women in the program.

Address: Givat Haim Ehud  | Phone number: 04-6219961

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