Malka, a kosher meat restaurant in central Tel Aviv, is being celebrated as a rebranding of the Liliyot restaurant, a long-time social business that was the first in Dualis’ portfolio. Malka is part-owned by Israel’s top celebrity chef, Eyal Shani and The Better Friends LTD. As it quickly becomes one of the trendiest eateries in the city, Malka is demonstrating daily that the social business model can be a huge success – both in terms of the growth and financial health of the business, and for the at-risk youth who comprise a large percentage of its workforce.


Run in cooperation with Elem, a nonprofit that helps at-risk youth, Malka trains disadvantaged youth to work in an active restaurant environment while providing intensive personal mentorship, including training in social skills. Since Malka’s previous incarnation, Liliyot, began operations under Dualis’ guidance nine years ago, over 250 at-risk youth have graduated the program and found steady employment. Directed by the restaurant’s head chef and a social worker, the training program lasts one year, during which time the participants earn a minimum wage salary.

With acclaimed chef Eyal Shani now an active partner, Malka has great hopes for its financial success and its future impact on many more disadvantaged youth who will be provided with the skills and support they need in order to build productive lives.

Address: Dafna 2, Tel Aviv  |  Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday  12:00-15:00, 18:00-24:00  |  Phone number: 03-6091331

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