Dualis Initiative Investment Criteria

Dualis Social Investment invests in for-profit social businesses that train, employ and transform the lives of people on the margins of society in Israel. The social businesses we invest in should have:

  • An experienced and committed entrepreneur
  • A clear social objective with a committed social partner
  • A solid business model to positive cash flow within 12 months
  • The ability to grow and increase social influence
  • The ability to generate profits that will cover the initial investment

Business Model Approach:

  • Venture Capital model of investment:
    • Equity/debt financing – of US$100,00 and up to US$500,000
    • Added value – mentorship, strategy, marketing, business development, financial systems, networking
    • 50% Ownership
  • The social businesses we will invest in will establish a balanced business/social Board of Directors with representatives from the business world and the relevant social field.
  • Dualis assists in strengthening the business’ social aspect with programs, assessments, personnel and tight cooperation with the relevant social partners.

We are involved investors, offering support and guidance, and we expect to see profits which in turn will be used to support additional social business initiatives.

Social Program Requirements:

  • Each social business has a social program that is suited to the business model and focusses on training and employment of people “on the margins” of society in Israel.
  • Social program populations: young adults and youth-at-risk, single mothers, people with disabilities, recovering addicts, ex-convicts, the chronically unemployed and the elderly.
  • The programs are led by an on-site social worker that works with the programs participants on a personal basis providing personal skill development.
  • The number of employees from the target population employed at each social business will be no less than 10 at any point of time which should represent between 25-50% of the total employees in the business.
  • The social business is tracked with a SROI measurement & evaluation report on the impact and long term success of the social programs with specific metrics developed.