Business type: Outsourcing services for scanning documents and data entry
Disadvantaged population type: People with disabilities

Klikit is a social business that provides scanning and data entry services to Israeli corporate clients and trains, mentors, and employs young adults on the autism spectrum. It was founded by Dualis Yozma together with the entrepreneur Eitan Varman. Amir Goldstein, a prominent business executive who is active in the field of employment for people with special needs joined Klikit as Chairman.  The company seeks to provide work skills and employment for young people with disabilities while promoting the “greening” of the Israeli business sector by helping to facilitate a paper-free work environment.

Dualis launched Klikit in cooperation with Beit Ekstein, a large nonprofit that provides services to people with autism. The business opened in 2017 and employs young adults with autism alongside senior citizens in the program.  Klikit makes it possible for young adults with autism to achieve some measure of economic independence as well as a sense of personal fulfillment and belonging.

Address: Hatasya 15, Ra’anana  | Phone: 09-3730010 or 054-6646233

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