About Dualis Yozma

In 2015, Dualis was awarded a matching grant by the Israeli Government totaling $6.5 million to create up to 15 new social businesses across Israel. With this grant, Dualis established “Dualis Yozma” under the auspices of the National Insurance Institute, the Ministry of Finance, and the National Economic Council and is seeking direct matching philanthropic support that will help establish and develop new social businesses over the next few years.

Dualis Yozma Fund is chaired by Zvi Ziv – Former CEO of Bank Hapo’alim; Past Chairman of Ma’ala organization for Social Responsibility, member of several boards of non-profit organizations.

The Fund invests in social businesses across Israel with a focus on the geographic and social periphery of the country. Each business has a social program that is suited to the specific underserved population. The social program focuses on development of personal skills, vocational training, rehabilitation, and employment, followed by job placement at the end of the 12-18 month apprenticeship period.

The Fund’s social mission is to build and invest in social businesses that focus on employment for young adults and youth-at-risk, single mothers, people with disabilities, recovering addicts, ex-convicts, the chronically unemployed and the elderly.

Investment in each social business is between US$100,00 and up to US$500,00, and is structured in accordance with the social business progress and performance so that typically the initial investment will be about half of the total projected investment.

Dualis Yozma’s work has benefited from the development of a broad-based network of partners from the nonprofit, corporate, and philanthropic sectors in Israel and abroad. These partnerships support Dualis’ efforts to ensure diversity in the business models of the various social businesses we support, as well as in the populations who benefit from the businesses’ training, mentoring, and employment programs.