Business type: outsourcing service for bookkeeping
Disadvantaged population type: People with disabilities

Hashavia is a new, Dualis Yozma-supported social business that promotes economic independence for people with disabilities. The business, which was conceived and initiated in cooperation with entrepreneur and accountant Yonat Yehoshafat together with Minga (The Arena for Social Businesses), trains, mentors, and hires certified accountants with disabilities. The company provides organizations and corporations with remote accounting services from Hashavia’s office in Tel-Aviv. Dualis and its portfolio of social businesses are among Hashavia’s satisfied customers.

The company’s social program enables people with disabilities to earn a living in the profession they trained in and to grow and fulfill their professional abilities in a supportive environment that has been modified to meet their needs. In addition to offering an opportunity for financial independence, Hashavia provides employees with a peer community. As of the company’s start-up in 2018, Hashavia has three employees with disabilities.

Hahashavia’s website

Address: Menachem Begin 55, Tel Aviv  |  Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday  09:00-17:00  |  Phone number: 03-6245410

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